Month: 4月 2022

Coupling with your symphony of taste

Living in a marina-front apartment, enjoying spectacular view with a cup of coffee in the morning is your daily routine. Or, your favorite thing is leaning on the seat cushion of leather couch, starring at urban night view from your penthouse with music playing after work.

Adjustable Wristband | SAG RFID Tag | Find Your RFID Transponder Solution

A Touch-less Access Control Solution -UHF Adjustable Wristband

SAG is dedicated to provide an application-specific RFID wristband tuned to perform well even on human body. It enables personnel tracking in an open space and truly realizes hands-free access control. It is lightweight and the adjustable watchband can fit your wrist perfectly and comfortably while providing long range reading assurance up to 3 meters. UHF Adjustable Wristband offers benefits in different applications as below.

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